Black Masterbatches

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We have a wide range of Black Masterbatches based on various grades of carbon black, from 60 nm particle size to 19 nm particle size. We manufacture black masterbatch with carbon black content ranging from 10% to 55%.

We produce Blacks for

We are happy to customize products based on the requirement of the customer. It can be a 50% HAF carbon black with no filler or it can be an economical grade of black masterbatch with 40% calcium carbonate but with a high gloss on the masterbatch granules. The range is literally limitless. Contact us for your custom black masterbatch requirement.

High gloss black masterbatch
A few of our Blacks
Black Masterbatches Sheet

Applications of Black Masterbatches

Film Extrusion – Black masterbatch is widely used in film extrusion applications to produce black plastic films. Film extrusion is a process in which plastic pellets, along with additives like black masterbatch, are melted and shaped into a continuous thin film. This film can then be used for various applications, such as packaging, agriculture, construction, and more.

Mulch Films – Black masterbatch is commonly used in the production of mulch films. Mulch films are thin plastic sheets placed on the soil surface in agricultural applications to provide various benefits to crops. Black mulch films, in particular, offer several advantages that aid in plant growth and improve overall crop yield.

Carry Bags – Black masterbatch used in the production of Garbage bags, Black carry bags or plastic shopping bags. These bags are made from polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) resins, and the addition of black masterbatch provides the desired black color and imparts specific properties suitable for carry bag applications.

Pipe Industry – Black masterbatches play a crucial role in the pipe industry, where they are used in the manufacturing of various plastic pipes. Our masterbatches are specifically formulated to meet the requirements of pipe extrusion processes and end-use applications.